Data Science Jobs

Data science jobs include an all-encompassing field of work that deals with scientific methods of collecting data, as well as the different processes involved in extracting useful information from the data that is collected. Data science uses statistics and the analysis of those statistics to create solutions to a wide variety of everyday problems. Data science professionals utilize skills from an array of academic specialties including math, science, statistics, and technology arenas. Below are some of the top jobs in the industry of data science and details on what each of these sub-specialties does within the overall field.

A Data Scientist is one data science job you can have.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are analytical experts who fuse curiosity to explore current trending problems with the ability to use data to create solutions to these complex issues. Part mathematician and part computer scientist, data scientists are always on the lookout for current trends in the business and technical world and use statistical analysis to come up with innovative ways to solve these problems.

Decades ago, data scientists weren’t in demand. Times have changed a great deal in the last 20 or 30 years, and we now live in the electronic age. Operating businesses and just having a successful life overall requires a lot more technological ingenuity than in times past. Data scientists can be employed by major retailers to assist in crunching the numbers and understanding how to apply statistics to ensure a successful bottom line.

Data Analyst

No matter what their specialty is, every business collects data on an ongoing basis. This data must be analyzed, studied, and applied using various techniques that improve the functionality of the company and enhance its profitability. This is where the data analyst comes in. Data analysts translate this statistical information into a language that everyday people can understand and make use of.

All businesses have costs of operation, and all are constantly trying to strike a balance between affordable costs and superior customer service. Data analysis can be used to help these businesses make better decisions regarding their operating costs. This, in turn, allows them to save money while still providing the same great service that their customers have come to expect. Data analysis might be used to help source more affordable materials, to reduce transportation costs involved in operating a business, or to find real world solutions to problems that are costing the company a lot of money.

Data Architect

Every day, more and more business is being conducted online. It seems that new websites offering innovative products or services appear daily. All of these websites require extensive data analysis to function with a successful profit margin that helps them make a solid name for themselves in a seemingly endless sea of competitors. Data architects use their analytical skills to gather and interpret this information needed to help online business owners succeed in their endeavors.

Data Engineer

Data engineers build on what data architects bring to the table. Data engineers develop, maintain, evaluate, and test out the solutions that data architects come up with to assist companies to become more successful.

Data engineers utilize a precise knowledge and understanding of software engineering and combine this with experience in coding and testing patterns in order to create usable solutions to common problems faced by organizations everywhere.


Although statisticians are often overlooked regarding their importance, they provide the very backbone for the field of data science jobs overall. Statisticians are experts in the gathering, preparation, and analysis of statistics. Numbers are involved in the planning, upkeep, advancement, and modification of all types of business models everywhere. Statisticians are the key players who collect this information, analyze it thoroughly, and turn it into something that a business can use to enhance its productivity, save money, and improve customer service.

Database Administrator

In this information and technology age, gone are the days when critical data was stored in filing cabinets on paper. Nearly all vital information that a company relies upon to improve its bottom line is stored in computer databases. Database administrators are responsible for the important task of backing up this information in case something goes wrong with the original software or the manner in which it is stored. Database administrators ensure that this data is easily accessible to those who need it but safe from unauthorized access as well. They essentially serve as the gatekeepers and protectors of the vital information that helps keep businesses operating smoothly and successfully.

Business Analyst

Business analysts are generally a little less technologically savvy, but they make up for this by offering a deep knowledge of the different processes involved in running a successful business. They are masters at connecting this insight to real world strategies that enable businesses to become more successful. Consider them the go-between party that merges the technical side with the business side of things, bringing the two together to offer solution-oriented strategies targeted at successful business operations.

Data and Analytics Manager

Data and analytics managers are the cheerleaders of the team. They are responsible for ensuring that the right goals and priorities are set for all parties involved. Data and analytics managers require the strong social skills needed to lead a team of independent individuals, as well as the technical know-how to gather and analyze data and conduct thorough research.

In the world of business, there is room for all manner of professionals in data science jobs that offer the experience and expertise needed to gather and analyze data and use it to come up with real solutions to common, everyday problems that business owners face. Running a successful business and overcoming obstacles is a complex series of events that requires professional input from a variety of specialists.

Data science jobs offer a wide variety of career choices that are exciting and solution-oriented for those who are technically inclined. We hope this basic overview of the many career possibilities available in the world of data science jobs has answered some of the questions you have had on this topic.

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