5 Reasons to Study Data Science

5 Reasons Data Science Careers are Worthwhile Pursuits

  • Fast-Paced Field
  • Flexibility
  • Strong Job Outlook
  • Less Job Competition
  • Exciting Internship and Co-Op Opportunities

As Big Data continues to grow, so do the reasons to study data science. Data informs a huge array of everyday tasks, from Google searches to social media to hiring processes. A degree in data science is one way to get involved in a fast-moving, exciting field.

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1. Fast-Paced Field

For people who hate to be bored, one of the biggest reasons for studying data science is the fast-paced nature of the field. The techniques, advances, and technology change every year, especially as computers become more sophisticated at analyzing large groups of data. For professionals in the field, that means several things. First, the changing landscape offers constant opportunities for growth and development. It also means that new data-science jobs will pop up frequently, offering more chances for career expansion. Even for professionals who stay in one position, new developments create an exciting work environment and room for creativity.

2. Flexibility

Data science blends digital data and human insight — a combination that offers a surprising amount of career freedom. One of the benefits of studying data science is the post-graduation is flexibility. Graduates can opt to work for major international brands, or they can leverage technology to create small, highly focused startups. Since so many individuals and entities need insights from Big Data, data scientists also have the freedom to choose their client base. They might opt to work with entrepreneurs, social justice organizations, or even politicians. That means that it’s easy to choose a career path that’s in line with personal passions and convictions.

3. Strong Job Outlook

According to a Glassdoor study, data scientist positions are the best jobs in the United States. As of 2019, the study found that the median salary for a data scientist is $108,000. What’s more, job satisfaction is high, rating 4.3 out of 5. As data becomes an increasingly important part of artificial intelligence and business systems, the demand for data scientists is expected to grow. For students, that means that it should be easy to get a high-paying job after graduation — it also means plenty of job security.

4. Less Job Competition

Since the demand for data-science professionals has grown, many industries are finding that the lack of qualified applicants is down. For graduates with data science degrees, this is great news; it means that it’s easier to secure a dream job. Unlike graduates in competitive industries, who might need to search for months to get an entry-level job — much less one that’s in line with their goals and interests — data science grads have an easier time getting into top companies. This factor can lead to a faster, more lucrative job progression.

5. Exciting Internship and Co-Op Opportunities

To tackle the shortage of data scientists, many companies are heading straight to degree programs at major universities to start identifying and cultivating top talent. For students, that means plenty of opportunities to build relationships with top employers even before school is over. Data science students may be able to get internships and co-ops at desirable companies, giving them an opportunity to apply theory in the real world. These options also enable students to build a valuable professional network that will serve them in their careers.

Big Data isn’t going anywhere — in fact, it’s only expected to grow in the coming years. By studying data science, students have the chance to get in on a thrilling, expanding industry.